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About SGC International - Daphne Leers

This is SGC International

SGC International was founded in early 2020 by Daphne Leers, the driving force behind SGC International.

Because some of her friends and acquaintances who were involved in Endurance were still searching for the perfect Endurance riding pants, Daphne decided to take matters into her own hands and, in addition to designing her sportswear line SGC Athletics, also started designing riding pants that contained all the features they were still missing at the time.

Eventually, the first SGC International product, the Opulent Riding Pants, was born from that.

After the successful launch in late 2020, the first 100 pairs of pants were sold within six weeks. This set the tone for SGC International, a brand that stands for products made by and for riders.

"By and for riders"

SGC international is a company created by and for riders. Inspired by those around us and the phenomenal results they achieve with their horses, which they always put in the first place, we want to make their ride a little easier too. As we all know spending hours in the saddle can do damage to the legs of the rider; the skin might get damage caused by rubbing against the saddle.

Having this in mind we started designing a new type of riding pants; a two layered construction minimalizing the friction between skin and saddle. A tight layer underneath and on top a layer made out of a looser fabric. 

But we weren’t finished there. As we know there are many things that could help improve the riders experience. The pants needed more conveniences to make them even more desirable. So we kept adding features. 

The top layer, loose pants have a drawstring in the waistband, so the pants won’t slip down. This layer also has gripping dots on the inside of the ankle, they don’t touch the skin but instead grip onto the tight layer of pants underneath. Both layers are secured with the Velcro strap around the ankle. This makes sure they won’t slide up. And last but not least we removed the seam that normally runs down your leg.

Besides these two pockets (with zippers) on your leg, you will also find a phone pocket in the back of the pants.